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Sleeping on the Highway!

There was a bed in the middle of the road. I couldn’t believe it! It was 2 AM in the morning, pitch black, and there it was. An old bed on Highway 70. Of course, it was totally unexpected and even though I slammed on the brakes, I hit this bed right smack in the middle. Even with my stereo blaring out the Queens “Fat Bottom Girls”, I’m sure they could hear my curses all the way through the Arapaho National Forest. By the time I brought my 1999 Mondeo to a halt, there were bits of the bed spread across the highway and stuck underneath the car. Great!

The lead up to this situation started about a week ago. I work as a security guard and I had picked up a job in Salt Lake City. It was going to be a month of security work looking after some construction site and accommodation was included. I lived in Denver but it’s only about an eight-hour drive, some 530 miles, all along the highway 70, and really not all that difficult to do.

I’d taken off pretty late night from my parents’ home hoping to be able to complete the drive during the evening. I was somewhere between the towns of Rifle and Palisade, so about half way. There hadn’t been a lot of traffic and I was not all that confident of anybody coming past to give me a hand. I got out of the car to inspect the damage. The driver-side headlight was gone, the front grill was a little bent in, but, fortunately, no damage to the radiator. Apart from the bits of bed all over the road about 100 yards back some of the steel frame and coil springs were jammed underneath the car.

I got back in the car and moved it backwards but I could hear bits of bed still moving around with the car. Still cursing, I got back out of the car and looked underneath but really couldn’t see anything. A lonely highway in the middle of the night and no lights, nothing to see. Just then I could hear another car coming. I was in luck.

It looked like daylight driving along the road as what was obviously an off-road type of vehicle came thundering along the highway. As well as its standard headlights it had a full row of what looked like an LED Light Bar along the front and another set of LED lights mounted on the top of the vehicle. The road in front of the car was bright enough to play a game of football. With so much light, we were able to see and dislodge the bedframe which must have dropped off the back of a pick-up, perhaps while it was moving furniture.

It was all done in a few minutes. The guy jumped back into his Wrangler, switched on the roof mounted LED light bar and disappeared into the night. I could see him for at least 3 miles before he went around a bend. Awesome lights!