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Grow Your WritingThe other day I went and visited my friend Peter who has been trying to make his name as an author for quite some time with mixed success. He’s been writing short stories for children and has had a lot of involvement with freelance writing for websites. I really don’t know how he does it. My mind sometimes goes blank when I’m drafting a memo to my colleagues! I don’t know about you, but my mind can seize up when it is trying to reach for a particular word that is better than the one I initially thought of. It ‘d be good to have Peter’s range of vocabulary and his active mind even when writing emails to my friends.

The day I went to see him was on a Saturday and we were in the middle of winter. While there was no snow or ice, it was bitterly cold. It was a typical winter’s day with a cheeky breeze that was cold enough to cut through you regardless of how many clothes you wore. The branches of the trees were bereft of leaves, and the sun was trying to make a couple of attempts to sneak out from behind a lot of thick clouds. Like everywhere else in winter, there wasn’t a lot of growth to be seen and certainly no flowers were brave enough to poke their heads out of the ground for at least another three months.

Peter greeted me at the door and we walked out the back to his writing room. It was probably more like a sunroom and because of all the glass it certainly felt a lot warmer in that part of the house than anywhere else. We exchanged a few pleasantries about family, sport, and what was happening around the world, and during this conversation, I noticed a weird tentlike structure in the middle of his writing room floor.

When I asked him what on earth it was, he said to me it was a grow tent. I wasn’t quite sure I understood what he meant so I asked him again what was a grow tent? So he walked me over to what was the front of this little house, unzipped one of the walls, and looked inside. He was growing all sorts of plants inside this construction.

He explained to me that whenever he got writers block, particularly in the winter time, it was always too cold for him to go out for a walk to clear his mind. So, what he did was to set up this indoor garden where he could potter around and tend to his plants and think of something entirely different to the topic he was supposed to be writing about. Not only was it a very good idea to help him with his writing, but also in Spring, he merely transferred well-developed flowers into his garden which put him well ahead of everybody else for that time of the year! A very neat idea.