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Exercise for Better Productivity

Exercise for Better ProductivityBeing a writer is not an easy job by any standards. Quite often, you have to contend with staring at blank pages, wondering if you would ever fill them with words.  And mostly it is not the absence of inspiration that one cannot write, but the lack of proper mood to motivate you into writing. I have found that giving the brain some well-needed workout works wonders for my writing skills.

For starters, you need to spend 10 minutes of your precious time to avoid being faced with the blank page situation. Just as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Writing is like exercising your muscle. The more effort you put into it the better you become at it. The best part about it is you can train your writing to whatever way you want.  But this is as I said just the beginning. You need to do some exercises that improve your focus. Here are some tips

Regular workouts

Regular exercise has been proved to be good for learning abilities and improving concentration. Whether it is your daily writing or any other task you want to do perfectly, involving in regular exercise routine will help largely. It can be just a daily walk for 30 minutes, or swimming or any other form of workout. While you are doing the workouts make sure you have the right type of shoes. My friend, a nurse, likes to buy her shoes from Nicershoes and seeing how comfortable her shoes are I have started buying my shoes too from the site.

Exercise scores over additional lessons

In a study done on students it has been found that memory, concentration and behavior in class room improved leading to better academic performance in those who had exercised than the students who had taken additional lessons to improve their performance. When you incorporate, a physical activity routine instead of substituting the physical activity breaks to add in lessons, it has been found to be more productive.

Best for adults

The effect of exercise was also found to be equally effective on adults too as  in the children. A three-month long aerobic program was detected to help in creating new neurons with a denser and diverse linking between the neurons.  This is the reason I regularly attend my Zumba fitness exercise classes and as always wear my favorite shoes I found here, to ensure a proper exercise routine. Other than Improved brain functioning and concentration, the exercise was found to help in preventing many cognitive as well as neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Further, it also helps in children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Our mind is like a wild and untamed animal that tends to succumb to the natural habit of exploration. Flitting from one thought to other, mind often resists any attempts you do to control it. And this can be even worse in our present day scenario where we are surrounded by internet, TV and videogames. These stimuli can wreak havoc with our concentration and limit our attention span considerably. But with the right exercise and motivation, you can certainly hone your focusing skills and make it work for you.