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Best Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2016!

Best Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2016The world is full of fascinating places to visit, to take in the sights, and culture, the smells, sounds, and interesting things to do. Here’s a list of 5 best travel destinations to check out in 2016:

  1. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

St. Petersburg is filled with beautiful colours. It also has a vibrant underground art and music scene that is worth exploring. It has palaces and cathedrals, which when you visit, feel like you’re stepping back in time. You can see history and culture in the Hermitage, Egyptian mummies, to Picassos. You can see ballet and opera at the Mariinsky Theatre. There are many canals to view, with 342 bridges, which can make St. Petersburg reminiscent of Venice. During the summer, the sky stays light, and they’re known as ‘white nights’.

  1. Ubud, Indonesia.

Ubud is a place of wonderful culture. In Indonesia you’ll find many dancers and musicians, playing the gamelan and dancers dancing the Legong and the Tek Tok. You’ll see museums, works of art. There are green sloping hills covered in rice-fields. Beautiful rivers. You’ll find a wealth of places where you can eat-out amazing food, and shop if you should wish to do so. There are the King’s tombs at Gunung Kawi temple that are worth a visit. Lots of Hindu temples exist, that you can explore. There’s Goa Gajah, which is also known as Elephant Cave which can be found in a steep valley nearby.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires has a very European atmosphere. The subway in Buenos Aires, known as Subte, has its walls covered with some amazing art-work that is very impressive. It has a rich culture, every weekend there is a choice of over 300 theatrical plays that one can choose from. It has an opera house; a world-famous zoo and botanical gardens. There are many museums and art galleries, and if you should attend during the ‘La Noche de Las Museos’ The night of the Museums this is where museums and art galleries open their doors for the night, free of entry for people to attend, this is usually in November.

  1. Rome, Italy.

Everyone should go to Rome at least once in their life-time. There are so many famous tourist attractions packed into Rome, and it is possible to visit most of them in one day by foot if you plan your route and itinerary carefully. Rome is made up of lots of beautiful squares, known as piazzas, they’re beautiful and have a cosmopolitan feel, with vibrant street performers and artists. When in Rome, you must see: the beautiful Trevi fountain, is a real highlight; of course the Coliseum is another must-see; Vatican City is worth a visit, and you’ll see the Vatican Guards in their green and yellow distinctive uniforms stood outside; St. Peter’s Basilica. Everywhere you go you’ll see beautifully decorated intricate ceilings, floors and statues.

  1. Cuba, North America.

Cuba has beautiful white sandy beaches. It has the vibrant capital city Havana, with Havana Cathedral. The Cuban music is so vibrant and lively, it’s impossible to listen without it making you want to dance, it mixes styles of salsa, rumba and mambo. Cuban art-work is very bright and colourful, including the very distinctive art-work of Alfredo Sosabravo. The cuisine in Cuba is a mixture of Spanish and Caribbean.

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