About me

joyHello! My name is joy, fancy meeting you here! This website is all about English language usage. The website includes information about: writing; how to become a freelance writer; and inspirational quotes from authors. The website includes writing tips; information about increasing views on blogs and websites; information about blogging; do’s, do not’s and common mistakes to avoid; how to earn a living and increase income as a freelance writer; the use of social media to promote freelance writing work; tips to work productively; different applications that can be useful to freelance writers and places where people can find freelance writing work.

This website includes information for people who want to freelance write as a full time career, a part-time supplementary income, or simply for fun. There is information about marketing what has been written and about writing in different genres. There’s advice about maintaining a healthy balance between work and socialising, because freelance writing can be quite an isolating occupation unless you ensure you communicate and network with others. There’s advice about self-discipline, being organized with accounts and paying taxes responsibly, managing time, and setting SMART targets and goals.

This website discusses whether to choose online or print writing; creating a creative portfolio in order to showcase one’s work, ensuring you stand out from the competition, and how to apply for various writing jobs. There are tips on using a thesaurus, following editorial guidelines, the importance of getting good feedback from customers in order to get future writing work. Tips about getting part or advance payment, to ensure that you are paid for your writing work.

There’s information about when you’re working on a freelance writing job, how to communicate with your customers so that you produce good work for them that is relevant, so that you provide excellent customer service, and so that you have realistic deadlines and are paid appropriately. This website discusses common grammar mistakes, being a freelance history writer; King Francois I and Charles V.