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A Must Read For All Those Dreaming of Full Time Freelance Job

A Must Read For All Those Dreaming of Full Time Freelance Job-A lot of people have this impression that working at home is the easiest job in the world. Many imagine long leisurely breakfasts, working in pajamas, sleeping late in the night, waking up at their convenient time, and getting a fat paycheck. Not really.

In reality, working at home is not as rosy as it looks. Trust me. As a freelance writer for years now and having known a lot of fellow freelance writers, I know how the work can be very challenging.

While working at home does provide a tremendous amount of flexibility, it is still a professional job and must be treated as such. Unfortunately, your family and friends can easily take advantage of your ‘freedom’. For most writers, working hours and non-working hours would have blur line that you’ll find yourself working 7 days a week to catch up with deadlines.

But if you really want to bid goodbye to the boring 9-5 schedule, I’ve come up with a list of tips that might help you on your way to being a full-time freelance professional.

  1. Set a definite plan and goal

One of the common mistakes of newbie freelancers is that they eagerly look forward to the easy life of freelancing. Instead of looking forward to your paycheck, make a plan on how you would go about with your freelancing career. Where you will look for clients? How will you market your service?

  1. Prepare yourself – and your family

Often than not, first time freelancers have a difficult time putting boundaries between work and social life. It is best to prepare yourself for the possibility of a huge shift in your daily schedule. But as much as possible, you should maintain the same routine that you currently follow. Also prepare your family or significant other as to your schedule. Let them understand that you are working while still at home. Inform them of your work schedule so they won’t disturb you.

  1. Ask for help

As in any new job, you would find the transition much easier if you have other people to help you. Usually, it is difficult to find a freelancer around your area. But there are common office studios where many freelancers also work. It would also be very helpful if you join forums.

  1. Dedicate a space in your home for work

Having a home office can make you more productive. It lessens the distractions that usually eat up the time of freelancers. Make your workstation appealing to the eyes. Take in some greens for this you might want to check out GrowLightsBase.com for some nice LED grow lights reviews.

  1. Have routine

Make a routine that balances your social and work life. If you’ve been used to the rigors of regular office job — waking up in the morning and heading to work — don’t forget it all too soon. If possible, you can adapt it even with the nature of your new career. Take time to go out of the house and hit the gym. A lot of freelancers become too engrossed with the job and are overly occupied with deadlines. Don’t be like them.

To be successful in the freelancing world, you have to remain focus and consider your work as you would a regular work. It requires much discipline but the returns are definitely worth it!