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10 Interesting Hobbies to Try Out!

10 Interesting Hobbies to Try OutIf you’re considering taking up a new hobby or interest in order to make your life more fun, varied, interesting or perhaps to broaden your circle of friends. Here are some hobbies you could consider:

  1. Volunteering – this is a wonderful hobby, that will bring you enjoyment, a sense of being worthwhile and helping out which will make you feel good about yourself. You’ll undoubtedly make like-minded friends who are interested in the same cause as yourself; and it’s a great thing to include on your CV. You could volunteer in any area that interests you, whether that’s working with the elderly, with animals, with the homeless, with children etc.
  1. Learn a New Language – There are many ways you could do this. You could decide to take a formal qualification and attend night school. You may decide to do home study by listening to CDs, or using an online site. You could join a language group that meets near where you live, who get together once a month to practice speaking. You could get a pen-pal from another country to practice with.
  1. Writing – Writing is a wonderful skill to develop, and immensely enjoyable. You could decide to keep a journal. You may decide to write letters to friends or family. They say that everyone has a story to tell and a book inside them, so perhaps you’ll decide to put this down on paper.
  1. Learn to Play an Instrument – you’ll probably have an idea about what instrument appeals to you; whether that’s a woodwind instrument, brass, piano or strings. Learning to play an instrument does take dedication and practice to get past the awkward stage, onto music that is recognizable and enjoyable, so do persevered with it.
  1. Read – there are so many books, on so many topics, I genuinely don’t understand when people say that they don’t read. There must be many books out there that hold interest to you. People write new books every day, and there’s such a wide variety in different styles.
  1. Choir – Many people love to sing, and enjoy singing as part of a group. Choirs nowadays don’t necessarily have to stick to ‘choral’ type music either, there are many different types of choir you can join, including ‘Rock-Choirs’, ‘Pop Choirs’ and ‘Gospel Choirs’. Many don’t require you to audition, though sometimes the ability to read music can be a bonus. It can be a fun way to make friends, have a good sing-song, and put on a performance a few times a year too.
  1. Cooking – Sometimes, it can be all too easy, to fall into the trap of cooking the same sort of meals after work, and out of routine, we become less adventurous. However, by taking up cooking as a hobby, you can broaden your palette, and try many different types of cuisines, and cooking techniques, to wow your family and friends.
  1. – whether you decide to go for more local day-trips, or to plan a longer road-trip in your home country or abroad, travel is fun and really does broaden your horizons. It’s a chance to experience different culture, food, sights, and meet new people.
  1. Sport – Take up a new sport. There are numerous options, it could be football, cricket, ice-skating, tennis, rounders, martial arts etc. Many sports will mean you’re part of a group, and this can be a great way to develop a good network of friends, as well as a way to keep up your fitness levels and develop a discipline and skill.
  1. Scrapbooking – Don’t be put off if this sounds initially a bit twee! The beauty of this is that it captures memories of special days and events, it allows you to use your creative flair, and gives you chance to recycle items into something that will last forever. Have a box where you can save bits of foil, ribbons, buttons, all items that can add some decoration to your scrapbook. Once you start, it is addictive.