Top 5 Reasons Why English is the Best Language in the World

Top 5 Reasons Why English is the Best Language in the World

  1. Global Language for Business

English is used globally by many non-English speaking countries for business and finance purposes, and is often taught in educational institutions in non-English countries, such as China, Japan, Malaysia, and many African countries. It’s classed as the language of business and finance, which is the common denominator; the language that big businesses and financial institutions communicate in for ease and swiftness.  English is clearly the official language in the UK (a small country); but it’s also the official language in the super-power America; as well as being the official language in Canada and Australia.

An article in the Harvard Business Review has called English the language for business and it lists huge world-wide companies, such as Nokia, Daimler-Chrysler, Samsung, SAP, and Microsoft in Beijing who all use English to facilitate smooth communication world-wide in business. A common language is important for communicating overseas, closing business deals, mergers and acquisitions etc. Companies take English seriously and make announcements in English, have signs and cafeteria menus in English, and employees have to prove their competence in using it. Having a common language enables big businesses to attract the best candidates from around the globe.

English is spoken by almost 2 billion people world-wide. One in every four people speak English. English is one of the most common languages used on the Internet, with almost 600 million people communicating online via English. England’s colonial history, has certainly helped with English being adopted as the official language of business, with many places speaking English since the 16th Century. English is easier to learn, than something like Mandarin and even in communication is a little bit broken and disjointed, it’s easier to understand than other languages.

  1. Language of Culture and Arts

Whatever interesting hobbies you have connected to culture and the arts, it’s likely that English language has had a huge impact and influence upon these. Whether you enjoy watching films, reading books, listening to music, or a range of other activities.

Hollywood is the place where the best and most well-known blockbuster films are made; these are made in English. These films are then transported around the world to all other countries, where the speech is dubbed into the local language, but the film was originally in English. Many actors and actresses from around the world have learned English or moved to Hollywood in order to try and become better known and appear in the world’s best films, ie the French actor and actress: Gerard Depardieu and Juliette Binoche. Many people all around the world watch Hollywood films, but with their own country’s subtitles to enable them to better understand it. Hollywood ‘catchphrases’ spoken in English, from films have been used and re-used over the years and become part of culture.

It’s not simply the film industry where English is predominant, the same applies to the music industry too. For vocal artists who want to known world-wide, there is a requirement for them to sing in English; this seems to apply regardless of the genre, whether it is rock, pop or dance music. Many of the world’s greatest musicians were English, or American, or at least sang in English: The Beatles, Elvis, the Rolling Stones. Freddie Mercury from Queen was born in Tanzania, but sang in English. George Michael was born in Greece, but sings in English.

The same applies with literature too. One of the greats of literature taught and studied all over the world is William Shakespeare, who wrote in English. Other greats include: Charles Dickens, the Brontes, Tennyson, J. K. Rowling, Stephen King etc, all who write in English.

  1. Language is Versatile and Fun

One of the key reasons I love the English language is how varied, and versatile it can be. I love the double-meanings to words, the slang expressions, what can be conveyed by the same sentence said in a different tone, or with different emphasis. It’s possible for the word ‘had’ to be used four times consecutively in an English sentence and make perfect sense: “The faith that he had had, had had an affect on his life.” It’s possible to phrase a sentence in many different ways with different vocabulary, or style. English can be conversational, or formal, or academic, or informal, friendly and approachable. It can have an informative tone, or a humorous tone, or have a reflective tone.

  1. English for Travel

English is an excellent language to master if you intend to travel the globe. Whatever your travelling destination, English is a good language to pick as so many holiday spots have English as their key language.  Especially in Europe, English tends to be the language spoken at the holiday destination; even further afield, there will usually be someone who can speak English. Places you can travel to where English language is spoken, that may well surprise you, include: Ireland; Berlin (where English is taught in schools as a compulsory class); Bridgetown in Barbados which is part of the English commonwealth and Montego Bay in Jamaica. There are a large number of African countries where English is the official language too, including Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Belize in Central America speaks English.  Kiribati, is the easternmost country and speaks English. Guyana in South America used to be an English colony and 90% of the population still speaks English. English is surprisingly the official language of the Philippines.

  1. English is a Key Language to Improve Education and Career Prospects

Many foreign countries teach their education in English, regardless of whether that is the country’s official language. This is because English is seen as a very valuable skill and qualification to have. An English education is something that is revered and highly prized. Graduates who have graduated from a British or American University are often offered better career prospects and higher salaries. Job candidates who can converse in English stand a much better chance of being appointed. For jobs in medicine, engineering, finance, tourism, communications, media and business where part of the job may be to converse with people globally, the ability to speak English fluently is a really useful skill.

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Best Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2016!

Best Travel Destinations to Check Out in 2016The world is full of fascinating places to visit, to take in the sights, and culture, the smells, sounds, and interesting things to do. Here’s a list of 5 best travel destinations to check out in 2016:

  1. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

St. Petersburg is filled with beautiful colours. It also has a vibrant underground art and music scene that is worth exploring. It has palaces and cathedrals, which when you visit, feel like you’re stepping back in time. You can see history and culture in the Hermitage, Egyptian mummies, to Picassos. You can see ballet and opera at the Mariinsky Theatre. There are many canals to view, with 342 bridges, which can make St. Petersburg reminiscent of Venice. During the summer, the sky stays light, and they’re known as ‘white nights’.

  1. Ubud, Indonesia.

Ubud is a place of wonderful culture. In Indonesia you’ll find many dancers and musicians, playing the gamelan and dancers dancing the Legong and the Tek Tok. You’ll see museums, works of art. There are green sloping hills covered in rice-fields. Beautiful rivers. You’ll find a wealth of places where you can eat-out amazing food, and shop if you should wish to do so. There are the King’s tombs at Gunung Kawi temple that are worth a visit. Lots of Hindu temples exist, that you can explore. There’s Goa Gajah, which is also known as Elephant Cave which can be found in a steep valley nearby.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires has a very European atmosphere. The subway in Buenos Aires, known as Subte, has its walls covered with some amazing art-work that is very impressive. It has a rich culture, every weekend there is a choice of over 300 theatrical plays that one can choose from. It has an opera house; a world-famous zoo and botanical gardens. There are many museums and art galleries, and if you should attend during the ‘La Noche de Las Museos’ The night of the Museums this is where museums and art galleries open their doors for the night, free of entry for people to attend, this is usually in November.

  1. Rome, Italy.

Everyone should go to Rome at least once in their life-time. There are so many famous tourist attractions packed into Rome, and it is possible to visit most of them in one day by foot if you plan your route and itinerary carefully. Rome is made up of lots of beautiful squares, known as piazzas, they’re beautiful and have a cosmopolitan feel, with vibrant street performers and artists. When in Rome, you must see: the beautiful Trevi fountain, is a real highlight; of course the Coliseum is another must-see; Vatican City is worth a visit, and you’ll see the Vatican Guards in their green and yellow distinctive uniforms stood outside; St. Peter’s Basilica. Everywhere you go you’ll see beautifully decorated intricate ceilings, floors and statues.

  1. Cuba, North America.

Cuba has beautiful white sandy beaches. It has the vibrant capital city Havana, with Havana Cathedral. The Cuban music is so vibrant and lively, it’s impossible to listen without it making you want to dance, it mixes styles of salsa, rumba and mambo. Cuban art-work is very bright and colourful, including the very distinctive art-work of Alfredo Sosabravo. The cuisine in Cuba is a mixture of Spanish and Caribbean.

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10 Interesting Hobbies to Try Out!

10 Interesting Hobbies to Try OutIf you’re considering taking up a new hobby or interest in order to make your life more fun, varied, interesting or perhaps to broaden your circle of friends. Here are some hobbies you could consider:

  1. Volunteering – this is a wonderful hobby, that will bring you enjoyment, a sense of being worthwhile and helping out which will make you feel good about yourself. You’ll undoubtedly make like-minded friends who are interested in the same cause as yourself; and it’s a great thing to include on your CV. You could volunteer in any area that interests you, whether that’s working with the elderly, with animals, with the homeless, with children etc.
  1. Learn a New Language – There are many ways you could do this. You could decide to take a formal qualification and attend night school. You may decide to do home study by listening to CDs, or using an online site. You could join a language group that meets near where you live, who get together once a month to practice speaking. You could get a pen-pal from another country to practice with.
  1. Writing – Writing is a wonderful skill to develop, and immensely enjoyable. You could decide to keep a journal. You may decide to write letters to friends or family. They say that everyone has a story to tell and a book inside them, so perhaps you’ll decide to put this down on paper.
  1. Learn to Play an Instrument – you’ll probably have an idea about what instrument appeals to you; whether that’s a woodwind instrument, brass, piano or strings. Learning to play an instrument does take dedication and practice to get past the awkward stage, onto music that is recognizable and enjoyable, so do persevered with it.
  1. Read – there are so many books, on so many topics, I genuinely don’t understand when people say that they don’t read. There must be many books out there that hold interest to you. People write new books every day, and there’s such a wide variety in different styles.
  1. Choir – Many people love to sing, and enjoy singing as part of a group. Choirs nowadays don’t necessarily have to stick to ‘choral’ type music either, there are many different types of choir you can join, including ‘Rock-Choirs’, ‘Pop Choirs’ and ‘Gospel Choirs’. Many don’t require you to audition, though sometimes the ability to read music can be a bonus. It can be a fun way to make friends, have a good sing-song, and put on a performance a few times a year too.
  1. Cooking – Sometimes, it can be all too easy, to fall into the trap of cooking the same sort of meals after work, and out of routine, we become less adventurous. However, by taking up cooking as a hobby, you can broaden your palette, and try many different types of cuisines, and cooking techniques, to wow your family and friends.
  1. – whether you decide to go for more local day-trips, or to plan a longer road-trip in your home country or abroad, travel is fun and really does broaden your horizons. It’s a chance to experience different culture, food, sights, and meet new people.
  1. Sport – Take up a new sport. There are numerous options, it could be football, cricket, ice-skating, tennis, rounders, martial arts etc. Many sports will mean you’re part of a group, and this can be a great way to develop a good network of friends, as well as a way to keep up your fitness levels and develop a discipline and skill.
  1. Scrapbooking – Don’t be put off if this sounds initially a bit twee! The beauty of this is that it captures memories of special days and events, it allows you to use your creative flair, and gives you chance to recycle items into something that will last forever. Have a box where you can save bits of foil, ribbons, buttons, all items that can add some decoration to your scrapbook. Once you start, it is addictive.

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A Must Read For All Those Dreaming of Full Time Freelance Job

A Must Read For All Those Dreaming of Full Time Freelance Job-A lot of people have this impression that working at home is the easiest job in the world. Many imagine long leisurely breakfasts, working in pajamas, sleeping late in the night, waking up at their convenient time, and getting a fat paycheck. Not really.

In reality, working at home is not as rosy as it looks. Trust me. As a freelance writer for years now and having known a lot of fellow freelance writers, I know how the work can be very challenging.

While working at home does provide a tremendous amount of flexibility, it is still a professional job and must be treated as such. Unfortunately, your family and friends can easily take advantage of your ‘freedom’. For most writers, working hours and non-working hours would have blur line that you’ll find yourself working 7 days a week to catch up with deadlines.

But if you really want to bid goodbye to the boring 9-5 schedule, I’ve come up with a list of tips that might help you on your way to being a full-time freelance professional.

  1. Set a definite plan and goal

One of the common mistakes of newbie freelancers is that they eagerly look forward to the easy life of freelancing. Instead of looking forward to your paycheck, make a plan on how you would go about with your freelancing career. Where you will look for clients? How will you market your service?

  1. Prepare yourself – and your family

Often than not, first time freelancers have a difficult time putting boundaries between work and social life. It is best to prepare yourself for the possibility of a huge shift in your daily schedule. But as much as possible, you should maintain the same routine that you currently follow. Also prepare your family or significant other as to your schedule. Let them understand that you are working while still at home. Inform them of your work schedule so they won’t disturb you.

  1. Ask for help

As in any new job, you would find the transition much easier if you have other people to help you. Usually, it is difficult to find a freelancer around your area. But there are common office studios where many freelancers also work. It would also be very helpful if you join forums.

  1. Dedicate a space in your home for work

Having a home office can make you more productive. It lessens the distractions that usually eat up the time of freelancers. Make your workstation appealing to the eyes. Take in some greens for this you might want to check out for some nice LED grow lights reviews.

  1. Have routine

Make a routine that balances your social and work life. If you’ve been used to the rigors of regular office job — waking up in the morning and heading to work — don’t forget it all too soon. If possible, you can adapt it even with the nature of your new career. Take time to go out of the house and hit the gym. A lot of freelancers become too engrossed with the job and are overly occupied with deadlines. Don’t be like them.

To be successful in the freelancing world, you have to remain focus and consider your work as you would a regular work. It requires much discipline but the returns are definitely worth it!

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Sleeping on the Highway!

There was a bed in the middle of the road. I couldn’t believe it! It was 2 AM in the morning, pitch black, and there it was. An old bed on Highway 70. Of course, it was totally unexpected and even though I slammed on the brakes, I hit this bed right smack in the middle. Even with my stereo blaring out the Queens “Fat Bottom Girls”, I’m sure they could hear my curses all the way through the Arapaho National Forest. By the time I brought my 1999 Mondeo to a halt, there were bits of the bed spread across the highway and stuck underneath the car. Great!

The lead up to this situation started about a week ago. I work as a security guard and I had picked up a job in Salt Lake City. It was going to be a month of security work looking after some construction site and accommodation was included. I lived in Denver but it’s only about an eight-hour drive, some 530 miles, all along the highway 70, and really not all that difficult to do.

I’d taken off pretty late night from my parents’ home hoping to be able to complete the drive during the evening. I was somewhere between the towns of Rifle and Palisade, so about half way. There hadn’t been a lot of traffic and I was not all that confident of anybody coming past to give me a hand. I got out of the car to inspect the damage. The driver-side headlight was gone, the front grill was a little bent in, but, fortunately, no damage to the radiator. Apart from the bits of bed all over the road about 100 yards back some of the steel frame and coil springs were jammed underneath the car.

I got back in the car and moved it backwards but I could hear bits of bed still moving around with the car. Still cursing, I got back out of the car and looked underneath but really couldn’t see anything. A lonely highway in the middle of the night and no lights, nothing to see. Just then I could hear another car coming. I was in luck.

It looked like daylight driving along the road as what was obviously an off-road type of vehicle came thundering along the highway. As well as its standard headlights it had a full row of what looked like an LED Light Bar along the front and another set of LED lights mounted on the top of the vehicle. The road in front of the car was bright enough to play a game of football. With so much light, we were able to see and dislodge the bedframe which must have dropped off the back of a pick-up, perhaps while it was moving furniture.

It was all done in a few minutes. The guy jumped back into his Wrangler, switched on the roof mounted LED light bar and disappeared into the night. I could see him for at least 3 miles before he went around a bend. Awesome lights!

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Grow Your Writing

Grow Your WritingThe other day I went and visited my friend Peter who has been trying to make his name as an author for quite some time with mixed success. He’s been writing short stories for children and has had a lot of involvement with freelance writing for websites. I really don’t know how he does it. My mind sometimes goes blank when I’m drafting a memo to my colleagues! I don’t know about you, but my mind can seize up when it is trying to reach for a particular word that is better than the one I initially thought of. It ‘d be good to have Peter’s range of vocabulary and his active mind even when writing emails to my friends.

The day I went to see him was on a Saturday and we were in the middle of winter. While there was no snow or ice, it was bitterly cold. It was a typical winter’s day with a cheeky breeze that was cold enough to cut through you regardless of how many clothes you wore. The branches of the trees were bereft of leaves, and the sun was trying to make a couple of attempts to sneak out from behind a lot of thick clouds. Like everywhere else in winter, there wasn’t a lot of growth to be seen and certainly no flowers were brave enough to poke their heads out of the ground for at least another three months.

Peter greeted me at the door and we walked out the back to his writing room. It was probably more like a sunroom and because of all the glass it certainly felt a lot warmer in that part of the house than anywhere else. We exchanged a few pleasantries about family, sport, and what was happening around the world, and during this conversation, I noticed a weird tentlike structure in the middle of his writing room floor.

When I asked him what on earth it was, he said to me it was a grow tent. I wasn’t quite sure I understood what he meant so I asked him again what was a grow tent? So he walked me over to what was the front of this little house, unzipped one of the walls, and looked inside. He was growing all sorts of plants inside this construction.

He explained to me that whenever he got writers block, particularly in the winter time, it was always too cold for him to go out for a walk to clear his mind. So, what he did was to set up this indoor garden where he could potter around and tend to his plants and think of something entirely different to the topic he was supposed to be writing about. Not only was it a very good idea to help him with his writing, but also in Spring, he merely transferred well-developed flowers into his garden which put him well ahead of everybody else for that time of the year! A very neat idea.

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Learning Language And Other Subjects With Music

Learning Language And Other Subjects With MusicLearning a language can be done in many ways but not all of them are fun-filled or easy to do. But one methods that caught my attention is learning language via music. This helps to grasp the nuances of a language better than the conventional memorize and tell lessons practiced in schools. With music, a deeper grasp of the language and proper way of reading, writing and speaking is enabled.  In short, music is an excellent tool to learn a foreign language and speak it with the right accent.

That being said, music has various other benefits even for learning in your own native tongue. For instance, regular training on a weekly basis for children in voice or piano has been found to increase the IQ of students when compared to their peers who did not undergo any training. According to a Canadian study, training in music can help kids to excel in intellectual pursuits and hone their spatial intelligence and mathematics.

The new age digital pianos such as those at have made learning piano easier and efficient too. Music lessons have different facets involved such as expressing emotion, memorizing, learning about the chords and intervals all of which help in improving the IQ with their multidimensional nature. While earlier, it was thought that just listening to Mozart improved spatial intelligence, now it has been proved that actual learning or training in music has a far deeper impact on a person’s IQ.

Giving the piano lessons or voice training in children as young as 6 year old helped to create the desired changes in the brain and make it adapt to the environmental stimuli. But teaching kids younger than this age was not considered suitable as the training is rigorous and not suitable for four or five year olds. Although we do have the digital pianos, some examples which you can check out on this site, which make it easier to teach and learn piano easily, in general the IQ effect is more pronounced when the lessons were taught from age 6 onwards.

The students who had been enrolled in drama or music classes when studied at specific intervals showed an increase in their IQ by about 4.3 points. This show how effective music lessons can be to the learning curve of children. It would help imparting education easier and productivity would hence increase. Learning languages, writing skills and other skills are improved because of these music lessons.

And the children taking acting classes scored higher in the sociability aspect, which is attributed to the cooperative factor needed for acting in a play. But as far as IQ is concerned, the voice or piano lessons played a vital role when compared to the children taking drama lessons or no lessons at all. Since IQ is important for spatial intelligence and overall development, enrolling kids in music lessons does seem to have a huge benefit. And even in case of adults, learning a music instrument helps to improve memory skills and reduce onset of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s syndrome.

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Exercise for Better Productivity

Exercise for Better ProductivityBeing a writer is not an easy job by any standards. Quite often, you have to contend with staring at blank pages, wondering if you would ever fill them with words.  And mostly it is not the absence of inspiration that one cannot write, but the lack of proper mood to motivate you into writing. I have found that giving the brain some well-needed workout works wonders for my writing skills.

For starters, you need to spend 10 minutes of your precious time to avoid being faced with the blank page situation. Just as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Writing is like exercising your muscle. The more effort you put into it the better you become at it. The best part about it is you can train your writing to whatever way you want.  But this is as I said just the beginning. You need to do some exercises that improve your focus. Here are some tips

Regular workouts

Regular exercise has been proved to be good for learning abilities and improving concentration. Whether it is your daily writing or any other task you want to do perfectly, involving in regular exercise routine will help largely. It can be just a daily walk for 30 minutes, or swimming or any other form of workout. While you are doing the workouts make sure you have the right type of shoes. My friend, a nurse, likes to buy her shoes from Nicershoes and seeing how comfortable her shoes are I have started buying my shoes too from the site.

Exercise scores over additional lessons

In a study done on students it has been found that memory, concentration and behavior in class room improved leading to better academic performance in those who had exercised than the students who had taken additional lessons to improve their performance. When you incorporate, a physical activity routine instead of substituting the physical activity breaks to add in lessons, it has been found to be more productive.

Best for adults

The effect of exercise was also found to be equally effective on adults too as  in the children. A three-month long aerobic program was detected to help in creating new neurons with a denser and diverse linking between the neurons.  This is the reason I regularly attend my Zumba fitness exercise classes and as always wear my favorite shoes I found here, to ensure a proper exercise routine. Other than Improved brain functioning and concentration, the exercise was found to help in preventing many cognitive as well as neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Further, it also helps in children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Our mind is like a wild and untamed animal that tends to succumb to the natural habit of exploration. Flitting from one thought to other, mind often resists any attempts you do to control it. And this can be even worse in our present day scenario where we are surrounded by internet, TV and videogames. These stimuli can wreak havoc with our concentration and limit our attention span considerably. But with the right exercise and motivation, you can certainly hone your focusing skills and make it work for you.

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